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A Little Bit About Abby

Have you ever been so passionate about your job that a piece of you feels missing when you aren’t doing it? Yeah, probably not. Most jobs don’t fill your soul with that kind of happiness and sense of purpose. But for me, my job does exactly that.

I’ve been taking pictures since I was six years old and got my pink “Barbie” camera for Christmas. I realized very early on that photography was more than documenting events - it was a passport into people’s lives. And because of that, I don’t see photography as a career. I see it as an opportunity to connect with people by capturing the most important moments in their lives. More than anything I feel a sense of honor and privilege to share in their journey and bring out the best in each person I photograph.

When I’m not taking pictures: I’m stuffing my face with Oreos and binge watching the latest shows on Netflix, or traveling the world-- depending on the weather.

Photography is one of the things that defines the person I am, along with being a loyal friend, a movie fanatic, an adventure seeker and a person who doesn’t need a dance floor, or music for that matter, to bust a move!

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