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Bianca joined Abby Schafer Photography's team in July of 2016 through an internship program for high school. She has been such a bigger asset to the team than expected, that she will be coming on full time starting in May of 2017!

Bianca has been taking pictures since she could hold a camera and her passion shines through each special moment she captures. 

A little bit about Bianca:

While not taking pictures she enjoys watching the food network even though her cooking skills are equivalent to burning toast. She tries to attend every Mumford and Son's concert that comes to Cleveland, she constantly thrift shops for vintage jean jackets,  enhances her make up skills via YouTube videos, and spends her free time with friends, laying around in fuzzy socks and eating Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets.

She has applied to the Cleveland Institute of Art and is hoping to enroll starting in the Fall of 2017.

When asked about who she looks up to:

"I always strive to be an inspiration to other people like my mom does. My mom is my biggest role model. She is an independent, strong woman who doesn't have to rely on anybody. She has shaped me into the person I am today. Oh and Bob Ross and Abby Schafer, they are my role models too. "

Even though our 2017 wedding season is booked solid, Bianca is available to be a second photography to any wedding starting in 2018!